Derryn Hinch talks to Ben Fordham about his new anti-paedophile Justice Party

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Ben Fordham


Derryn Hinch


Clip Summary

Derryn Hinch has formed his own political party, the Justice Party, and the broadcaster has confirmed he will stand for election to the Senate. "The Justice Party will stand for equality and justice for all. We believe our courts should show the same compassion and understanding for victims that they seem to show for the criminals. "We'll campaign for parole reform and bail reform. The Lindt cafe siege should never have happened. Jill Meagher's killer should not have been walking the streets. We believe our courts should treat domestic violence as a crime and there must be equal rights, including same-sex marriage and equal pay for women and animal justice." Mr Hinch said the 'jail to justice walk', which culminated in him presenting a petition of 130,000 signatures to Victorian Parliament calling for a national public register of convicted paedophiles, was key to the formation of the Justice Party. Mr Hinch is a longtime advocate for unmasking sexual predators in the community and has gone to jail for defying the courts over the issue.

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