Rewind Radio - Listen, Clip, Share.

Rewind Radio was created to help radio broadcasters get the most out of their content, instantly.

Our service is available to anyone who wants to unlock some of the long tail benefits of streaming audio by making it more clickable and shareable.

Rewind Radio is an Australian company formed by three radio broadcast and online professionals Steve Ahern, Daniel Laforest and Anthony Gherghetta.

Initial development of the platform has been done by Anthony Gherghetta in Melbourne and Alexander Makarov at R-Style Labs in Belarus.

Through a process of smart ingest, clipping and sharing, Rewind Radio provides catch up audio to broadcasters, courts, parliaments, and companies that stream audio and want to maximise the social media impact of their content.

We hope you'll listen, clip, share and enjoy!

Rewind Radio is an international trademark of Rewind Radio Pty Ltd (Australian Company Number 167 324 281). The Rewind Radio ‘listen, clip, share’ process is patented to Rewind Radio Pty Ltd Australia, all rights reserved (Pat Pending).