Site Updated

Anthony | 15 May 2016

Great news! 

We've just uploaded a new build of Rewind Radio that fixes a number of bugs and comes with much better performance.

The audio editor has had a major upgrade increasing its speed and performance across all browsers.  We were having a few issues with the audio and the waveform being in sync when using MP3 files and this seems to have been fixed successfully.

If you have any issues with the new platform please email us at


Welcome to Rewind Radio

AG | 10 Jul 2015

Welcome to Rewind Radio - the easiest way to share radio content on social media.

We've spent the past few months building the platform and now it's ready for a little bit of beta testing.  Our goal with this project has always been to make it as easy for you, the radio station, to get your content into social media.

Everyday thousands of hours of radio content is broadcast around the world and most of this content simply disappears the second it leaves the transmitter.  With Rewind Radio you can repurpose your work and gain new audiences and exposure in social media.

Using the platform is dead easy.  Simply follow these instructions and you'll be up and running in no time!

Step 1 - Add your radio station to Rewind Radio

Any radio station streaming online can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Simply go to this page,, enter the url of the audio stream for your station, test it, and then enter your station details.  It's that easy!  

Recording will commence straight away.

If you don't know the url of your audio stream see if you can open your stream in itunes.  Once playing in itunes, right click on the audio file, select 'get info' from the menu and under a tab called 'file' you will see a field called 'location'. This is the url of your online audio stream. Copy this address into your clipboard and paste it into the corresponding field on the 'add station' page in Rewind Radio.

If you're still having trouble, send us a message and we'll help you out.

Step 2 - Make Clips

Once your station has been added to Rewind Radio you can start making clips within a matter of minutes.  Of course, audio will only be available from the time you added your station.

1.  Select your station from the drop-down list on the home page:

2.  Fetch your audio  

Select the broadcast date, start time and the amount of audio you would like to fetch (note: the more audio you fetch, the longer the waveform will take to render). Click on 'Fetch Audio' to render the waveform editor.

3.  Edit your clip.  

The audio editor will open and you can edit your clip.  The top waveform shows a highlighted 15 second section of audio while the bottom waveform displays the entire length of audio fetched.

Simply press play to start listening to the audio.  Click anywhere in the waveform to move the cursor.  When you have found the location where you would like to start your clip press 'Mark Start Point'.  Likewise, at the point where you would like to end your clip press 'Mark End Point'.  Both of these markers can be dragged around the screen.

When you're happy with the selected audio click 'Create Clip'.

4.  Create your clip

When you click on 'Create Clip' the audio file for your clip will be generated.  If you're not happy with the sound of your clip, simply go back to the editor and move the markers around until you are happy then click on 'Create Clip' again to regenerate the audio file.

5.  Enter the clip details

The final step is to enter the details of your clip.  Try to enter as much information as you can about the clip to make it easier for search engines to find.  Once you have entered the information click 'Save Clip' and your clip is created!

Step 3 - Share!

Once your clip has been created it's time to get out there and share it.  Thankfully, Rewind Radio has made this incredibly easy!

You can share clips on Twitter and Facebook as well as hundreds of other social media platforms.

Rewind Radio includes custom social media player widgets so your audience will be able to listen to your clips directly within social media sites. 

This is how our Twitter widget looks (image):

And this is how the same clip looks embedded on a website (press play!):

So that's it!  Rewind Radio is the easiest way to get your audio content into social media.  Create engagement with your existing audience and add new listeners to your station through the network effects of social media.

If you have any questions please drop us a line, we're always up for a chat!